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(Data Books) Propellant Profiles 6th Edition Wolfe Publishing

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  • (Data Books) Propellant Profiles 6th Edition Wolfe Publishing

    They are the publisher of handloader for those that may not know. Here is a link to a downloadable copy of the magazine

    I just got this yesterday and only read a couple of the profiles of the powder I use. Being only in the hobby for a couple of years I can say that it does give a lot of the missing info about powders that the other manuals don't give. Yes it isn't cheap but it is one of those books that will be used on many occasions.
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    Great, now I have to buy that edition! You won't regret having that on your bench. I regularly reference mine.
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      I will be buying that this upcoming Friday (maybe Thursday).


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        I'll be ordering one.
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          From just doing maybe a dozen pages in and a few powders farther back, I am happy I dropped coin, lots of good info, some of it historic, some current.