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    I've got somewhat of an interest in the Lewis and Clark journey; as an exploration but more so because of the beauty of the country they traveled in. I've retraced much of their route, including their forts on the Pacific. Great experience to them and me. is outstanding.

    Their Journeys are available in paperback: THE JOURNALS OF LEWIS AND CLARK, Penguin Books 1995. this is the literal journal with lots of misspellings, but does have some explanitary foot notes. An excellent read p483, and travel guide somewhat.

    If you’re not a dyed in wool historical, “IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF LEWIS AND CLARK". National Geographic Society, by G. Snyder (195 pgs) is a modern retracing of the L&C route with authors own trip. It tells the story of L&C very well with many great historical paintings and modern photographs. A large book that is easy to read. Best is it has lots of small maps embedded in the text to visualize the trip. A must read for anyone living within a half days drive of the Missouri/clearwater/snake/Columbia rivers.

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    Hard to imagine how tough they must have been to do that! If only Americans possessed that grit today we would be invincible.


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      I have a paper back typed copy of their journals with daily entries misspellings and all from John Brakeless 1964. In the mid 80's, I had a lot of interest in this L & C and followed some of their trail through Montana and Idaho. I wanted to buy a copy of their original hand written logs, but it coast $1,200 from Yale University in the late 80's. Kinda steep for me then and it's probably steeper now.

      Heck I started pondering with the internet I may just be the cost of printing the notes and maps.

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        My copy of the actual text cost me $13 at the local Borders about 5 years ago. It includes other documents, like their goods list, letters from T Jefferson, etc

        Yale always was an expensive, eletist place!!!


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          Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose was a national best seller and for good reason..
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            I've read a fair amount about the expedition over the years. Some of the best reading is about the air rifle that they carried. It was a .46 (Or possibly a .51) caliber repeating air rifle with an effective range of about 110 yards @ about 500 FPS. They put on shooting demonstrations for virtually all of the native tribes they encountered. The natives were very impressed by the rifle. It could fire about 30 shots on a reservoir of air but took about 1100 strokes of the pump to fully recharge it.
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