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    Can anyone recommend an affordable brand of all-terrain tires that has an excellent traction in mud and snow? So far, I have only checked out Toyo Tires' Open Country M/T. I will be using on my pickup truck. Saw one online and I am contemplating on ordering it.

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    Where i shoot long range & elk hunt are in rough country.
    Toyo's M/T are what i run on my truck, (f.w.i.w.) they have not ever left me stuck.



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      If you run more on mud vs snow and ice, Toyo M/T is good choice, be aware they're fairly loud on pavement and being softer, wear quicker. For snow and ice, Open Country A/T is much better, they do work OK in mud and are quieter on the road, lasting longer. The siping built in, makes it a better choice for ice and snow.

      Toyo is carried by Les Schwab and Whalen tires, at a better price, than your linked source. Be aware some/many tire stores will either charge you extra or even refuse to mount tires, from online sources.
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        Here mostly dirt road (so include muddy road) and pasture (so include wet pasture), snow and ice, mostly drifted for deep stuff, not usually sustained depth more than a few inches (standard rural life for Kansas I think), We have been well served by Goodrich All Terrain T/A's on pickups and SUV's.


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          Can’t speak for the M/T’s, but I had the TOYO AT’s on my last truck. The tires had 45k miles on them when I traded the truck and this was a 3/4 ton that regularly pulled a 28’x6’8” wide stock trailer and a 29’ dovetail lowboy. Tires still had lots of life left in them when I traded, 25k was the most I’ve ever gotten out of other brands of tires.
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            I used the Goodrich All Terrian T/A KO2. Been using the T/As for over 30, trying out other different tires but they are not as good. Used them on sand, rocks, highways, mud, wet and snow, always take me in and get me out.
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              When I put the new set of Toyo MT's on the truck this last fall right before elk season the old set had 44000 miles on them and according to the tire shop they usually don't go quite that far. And I'm hard on equipment, especially tires



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                I just put on Toyo's ATII and so far I'm happy. I went to They had free shipping and 50.00 rebate. I had to back order mine cause they were out but they got them to me in about a month.

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                  Cooper AT3's I think that is there # there a good Tire for us up here in the snow and gumbo .
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                    Originally posted by d45/70 View Post
                    Cooper AT3's I think that is there # there a good Tire for us up here in the snow and gumbo .
                    What I replaced my Toyos with last spring and I'm sold.


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                      Little late to the party, but I highly recommend Pro Comp A/T Sport tires. They do well in wet conditions, shed mud, and ARE NOT loud. Set I had before them was Cooper (did not work for me, got me stuck in the snow 2 times in the same day). I have also run various BFG's that did okay, but will take the Pro Comp's over all of them. Toyo is heavy, loud, expensive, and wear out quickly.

                      I run 35/12.5 R18 tires and can't hear them - need to turn the stereo off and take my foot off the gas for that. The noise of Toyo's on a truck driving down the road next to me will drown out my exhaust (which is basically a hater system).
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