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Planting trees along the Mississippi River

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  • Planting trees along the Mississippi River

    Here's an interesting article on planting trees on the Mississippi River flood plain. Growing up there were numerous island and backwater forests where we used to jump puddle ducks. Deer hunting was also pretty good if the river hadn't frozen to the point where you couldn't hop from spot to spot by boat. The one thing the article doesn't mention is that a ton of flood plain was lost when the lock and dam system was put in place in the 1930s. There were large plots of farmland that are now underwater due to the raise in water levels from the dams. When I was a kid it was not uncommon to see acres of tree stumps when the water was low in dry weather. Now they are either covered with water or have finally rotted away to the river bed floor. At any rate I thought this was an interesting read. The comments in the article don't quite match the title in some ways but, hell, let's blame it all on climate change anyway.
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    Interesting article Rocky. Seems the water flucuations killed off the hardwoods...should do the same with the new plantings?. Reed canary grass likes the water level changes and is still used in Minnasota for soil protection on flood plains. The dams may have been why this species was first planted there?

    Few flooded timber for duck hunting around my area. One small area made by a small 6 foot dam placed on a creek in the CCC days (1930s) . 40 years ago I use to walk in it pushing my jon boat ahead of me jumping ducks, water slowly killed those woods, and my body doesn't have the energy to even try and hunt the remaining area.