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  • A little rant - eBay

    I rarely buy or sell anything on eBay. Including this reason for this rant, the sold item count is maybe 10 items. Recently I listed a couple of items. Both sold, both resulted in a notice saying "PayPal" has put a 3 day hold on the funds until I entered in tracking information. Okay, whatever. I ship the items the next day (Monday) and enter the tracking info. Today I get a message that one of the items has been delivered. I think well that's nice, is the other going to make it tomorrow like the tracking says? So I log into eBay and check the tracking. Item is arriving today. Perfect. In the drop-down I notice a link to view the PayPal transaction. Fine, click. PayPal login required. Done. Message? EBAY HAS PLACED A 21 DAY HOLD ON BOTH TRANSACTIONS. WTH?

    So I contact eBay.
    eB: That is correct. Our policy is blah-blah-blah.

    Me: Wait, hold on a second. No mention of this presented to me when I posted the listing (probably something buried in T/C's that are updated every frigging time the wind changes directions), and you sent me an email that says the funds would be held for 3 days.

    eB: Well our policy is blah-blah-blah.

    Me: Look, we are not talking about much money so I could care less about the hold, the policy, whatever, but how the heck do you expect people to understand what to expect when you change the rules mid-flight.

    eB: Well sir, it is to protect the buyer.

    Me: Protect the buyer from what?

    eB: Well to make sure they get their items.

    Me: Uh, so let me walk this down the path. I list something and opt for your default PayPal transaction. You say nothing about the hold. The items sell. You tell me to hurry and ship as I only have 3 days to enter the information and have put a 3 day hold on the transaction. I ship, I enter the tracking as instructed, and you then put a 21 day hold on the payment. The items get delivered. They buyer does what - says the package was stolen, empty box, wrong item, whatever, and you keep the money? What exactly are you trying to protect against?

    eB: Want want to make sure the buyer receives the item before releasing the funds.

    Me: Yeah, you said that. So what assurances are you taking to make sure the buyer received the items? What steps are you taking to make sure the buyer did not have the items stolen of their deck after delivery?

    eB: We cannot control that.

    Me: Truthfully, I should hope not - I have a low enough opinion of your company already. The thought of you camping out on someones property until they get home is terrifying. So what are you doing to protect me as the seller?

    eB: I'm sorry, what are you asking?

    Me: My mistake, let me rephrase the question in a more appropriate way. If a package is delivered to the buyer, and then the buyer reports that they did not receive the package, what happens?

    eB: It is the responsibility of the seller to ship the package.

    Me: Right, got that one. Next question. When a seller ships a package, posts the tracking information to your site, the tracking shows the package as delivered, and the buyer reports the package was never received, or, the buyer says they received a can of tuna instead of the item that was ordered, what happens?

    eB: Well, as I said, it is the responsibility of the seller to make sure the buyer receives the item.

    Me: No, you said it is the buyers responsibility to ship the item. But okay, whatever. So you have things in place to protect the buyer. What are you doing to protect the seller?

    eB: If you have a problem with a transaction, you can contact eBay.

    Me: Great! Now we are getting somewhere. I have a problem with a transaction. Can you help me?

    eB: Is this a problem with a seller or an item you purchased?

    Me: ...

    Me: ...

    Me: ...

    Me: I tell you what. When the transactions are finalized I will contact you to help me close my account. Is that okay?

    eB: You can close your account online by going to blah-blah-blah...

    Me: Click.
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    Interesting. I sell between $1000 and $2000 a month there, have never had that sort of problem. Glad I havn't, would be as PO'd as you are.
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